Hello Out There!

This is my first entry into my blog for personal development, so if you are reading this I’d like to welcome you to this site.

My name is Scott H. Young and I am obsessed with personal development. I am constantly seeking ways to improve and maximize my own experience of life. While others may not have such a sole focus on their own personal development, I created this website and this blog, to let others share in the knowledge I have obtained from my own research and experiments in how to make life better.

It seems that my work is cut out for me. I simply picked a quick background theme for my wordpress account (that is the software I am using to run this blog!). On top of that I don’t have a homepage yet! But, one of the skills I have gained from my research into personal development has been to always do what is most important first. So hopefully I can provide some valuable articles while I continue to work on updating the website.

I am also working on a piece of interactive software that will help you build goal-setting skills. Goal setting is a skill, and therefore needs practice more than just understanding. By having a fun interactive format, accompanied with written content, I hope it will really provide a completely new approach to personal development. The program is early in development and I expect a late August release, but I will also keep you updated on my progress.

Hopefully you guys can give me feedback about what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong so that I can improve my blogging skills. This may be a new blog but I have high hopes for creating tons of free and valuable content that has an impact on peoples lives.

So from myself to you I say, “Hello Out There!”

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  • Concerned_Citizen

    Hey Scott, I just came across your blog today via your MIT challenge videos on Youtube. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come since you started in 2006. Deeply impressed. Looking forward to following and seeing what else you do. Take care.

  • Deng Yumi

    Hey Scott, today, I finally bit my procrastination and make a visit to your blog. Just to make my life more motivated, I want to translate your articles into Chinese and put it in my blog. Just for practice and further beat my procrastination. I will leave a link to all the article I translate, if you do not like it, I will just keep it to myself, not showing it to the public.
    Thanks a lot for the inspiration.

  • Deng Yumi


    Some change of words, but I think people can get the same meaning.
    Of course it’s great honored if you give me some feedback.